Vector File Help

Vector File Help

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Are your logos Vector or Raster?

There are two main file type categories for image files, being "Vector" and "Raster".

Most people are probably more used to Raster images, which are basically big grids of thousands of tiny little coloured squares(called pixels), which when all put together, make an image. These are commonly found in JPG, PNG and GIF file types and are what you're dealing with when using programs like Photoshop or Paint.NET.

Vector files are the less common image type of the two, and vector files are images made up of shapes, lines, and points all moulded together to make logos, designs and photos. These are usually saved as .EPS, .PDF, .AI or .SVG files, and these are what you're dealing with when using programs like Illustrator or CorelDRAW. Odds are, if you went through a professional designer for your logo, you probably have a vector file.

Why do you care?

Let's be honest, you probably glossed over the last couple of paragraphs and won't remember any of this information by the time you wake up tomorrow. Basically, we need your vector files, as vector files allow you to scale the logo down to the size of an ant or as big as a football field, without losing any quality.

This is important in printing, because with raster files, when you scale the image up it starts becoming pixelated and bad quality, leading to a bad print and a sad customer.

So what do we need from you?

When you're getting anything printed through Kustomize It, we'd like a vector logo file from you. Check through the files your graphic designer sent you, and look for a file with a .PDF, .AI, .EPS or .SVG file type. If you can't find it, try asking them for the file type (if they don't know what it is, you've probably got a dud designer).

Don't have a vector file?

If you don't have a vector file, that's fine. We offer a full artwork vectorisation service, where our talented design team takes your logo, plots out all the points and converts it to a vector shape, all for just $40. This is a one off fee that you'll never have to pay again and you'll receive a fully editable vector file for your logo that is fully scalable, lets you change colours and more.

Do you have a raster file?

If you are just wanting direct to garment and only have raster files, that is fine. Please follow the tips below by clicking through the images. If you intend on not having the background in the image, please make sure to send a PNG or PSD file with a true transparent background. Sending a JPG will result in a big white box being printed around your image.


Did you or your designer make your logo on Canva?

Here's a little something we prepared earlier. This nifty video will show you how to download high quality vector artwork from Canva in just 1 minute, to make sure your shirts are looking awesome.

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