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 Kustomize it provides cutting edge, apparel embroidery expertise.

Embroidery is one of the best and most professional ways to advertise your brand on apparel. 

Embroidery is the technique in which apparel, fabric or other materials are decorated with a needle and thread. It can also incorporate other materials such as sequins, yarn or rhinestones. Able to both be done by hand or by machine, we use top of the line Melco industrial embroidery machines to embroider all of our products.

Our embroidery machine takes designs from an attached computer and sews them into garments to match the specifications of the design. The process begins with the design being converted from typical computer image formats such as JPEGs or PDFs into an embroidery-specific digital format that maps out each stitch. This process is known as digitising and incurs a setup cost. Once digitised, the file can be loaded in the embroidery machine on the computer attached to the embroidery machine. The garments are setup and attached to the machine and the thread colours are assigned. After that, the embroidery begins and starts threading needles through each specified stitch on the digitised embroidery file.

Embroidery is perfect for hats, polos, outerwear and more. Great in corporate apparel, a major benefit for embroidery is that it gives a very professional look to whatever product it is used on. 







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