Shipping information

Shipping Information

We ensure that we ship orders within two weeks of the order being placed. Normally, goods are shipped within a week and typical delivery times are 1 day for same city deliveries and 3-5 days to nearby locations, but in certain circumstances shipment and delivery can take up to three weeks. You may create an agreement for specific delivery times and terms (such as express shipping requests or fast tracked orders).

Kustomize It makes delivery using a shipment service provider of its choosing. The customer must pay standard shipping costs which may depend on order value, size and shipping destinations. Shipping costs are displayed at checkout.

We exercise the utmost diligence in accepting and processing orders and we will endeavour to deliver your products to the residential or business address.

Shipping dates are only estimates and are dependent upon the prompt receipt by the Seller of all progress payments, data, and instructions for the manufacture, assembly and/or processing of the goods and all materials, supplies, and equipment required for the manufacture, assembly and processing of such goods, including, but not limited to all raw materials, component parts, packaging or other necessary products. If the Buyer delays the furnishing of any such items the dates of shipment shall be automatically extended to compensate for such delay. Unless otherwise specified by the buyer, we will determine the most economical method and route of shipment. Transit insurance is the responsibility of the buyer. In the event that the buyer is unable or unwilling to take delivery of all or any part of the goods, Kustomize It shall place them into storage with all costs, including storage, insurance, demurrage, and transportation at the Buyer's expense. Further, the date of completion of the goods by Kustomize It shall be regarded as the date of shipment and payments shall be due on the terms specified in the applicable invoice related thereto.


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