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Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing

 Kustomize it provides a quick & easy method for printing on apparel.

The quickest, easiest and most versatile printing methods, heat transfer vinyl is perfect for pretty much every printing scenario.

With no setup costs, an easy cut-weed-press process and options for full or single colour, heat transfer is one of the most popular printing processes for good reason. 

How It Works


Choose Product

Select a style from our catalog of quality brands


Design & Cutting

Your design is loaded onto our vinyl cutting software and cut/printed onto vinyl



Your design is manually weeded by our team and prepared to be applied to the shirt. 'Weeding' is the removal of the negative space background vinyl from your design, revealing your desired image ready to be applied to the garment.


Heat Transfer

The vinyl is placed onto the shirt which is then pressed by our industrial heat press. The glue on the vinyl bonds to the garment at the high temperature of the press and creates a permanent print on your apparel.

What is Heat Transfer Vinyl Printing?

Although it is considered a method of garment printing, it doesn't actually require printing at all (unless full colour designs are needed). Heat transfer vinyl can be as simple as a single colour logo, or a full colour realistic image. For single colour heat transfer vinyl printing, the process involves the vector design file being sent to the cutter, where it cuts the shape of the design into a two layer vinyl sheet, one layer being vinyl and another being hard plastic, which doesn't get cut into. The negative space vinyl can then be weeded out of the sheet (negative space is parts of the design such as the background and insides of the letters which are removed). From there, the vinyl can then be heat pressed onto the garment and after a few seconds, the glue permanently sticks the vinyl to the shirt and your design comes to life!


The preferred file types for heat transfer vinyl prints are vector files, which typically are saved in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • AI
  • EPS
  • SVG
  • CDR



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